SQL E Leave is a mobile leave application app that you and your employees can use to speed up the leave application process. Employees can apply for leaves, apply overtime as extra leave, check payroll info, EA form all in one app. Change the way you and your company apply for leaves and start using SQL E Leave now.

SQL Stock Take Feature

Employee Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

Ready to Integrate with SQL Payroll

Just click Sync Cloud and you will be able to link all leaves that have been applied through the app into your SQL Payroll Software. If a manager hasn’t approved the application, you can approve it on the software too.

Leave Approval Assigned By Managers

Assign the range of responsibility for each manager to only approve leaves for employees of a certain branch or department. For example, the manager for the finance department can only view and approve leaves made by the employees under that department.

Features Of SQL E Leave

Easy Setup & Configuration
Configuration & sync your e-Leave app with the SQL Payroll software easily. Once that is done, just login into SQL e-Leave app by using your email and start submitting your leave applications.
Apply & Approve Leaves Anytime Anywhere
You no longer need to personally submit your leave applications in the HR’s Office. If you need to take an emergency leave, login into your app and submit an application. The manager will be notified and will be able to approve the leave immediately.
Fast & Reliable Support
Nationwide support is provided for all e-Leave users. Technical support is provided over the phone, emails, and remote access.

How SQL E Leave Works?

For Manager - How to Do leave approve

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Start using SQL e-Leave to simplify and speed up the leave application for your company. SQL e-Leave is made for every business. It is user-friendly and efficient.